Tuesday, September 9

Let's Commit Suicide.

I'm not actually gonna emo the whole day, ya know.

Liang Ian's the funniest joker I've ever known(beside KennySia)

His name tag arrived today.
Once he read it, his smile turned up, side, down.
Shannon laughed,
I laughed,
Everybody laughed,
Pang wai qi laughed like a hyena.

It reads: SOR Liang Ian.
Liang Ian- SAW Kar Yen: When did I become your brother?

Ching Ching pinched my boobs; they told me it's Liang Ian.
He look at me blankly.
Me- Liang Ian: Ci Bai!
Liang Ian*pointing at me*: Cikgu, dia cakap saya BER-ci bai.

The girl he like's lucky. ;)

V, Shannon, Liang Ian and (I think)Chee Ken bombarded Josephine.
I don't know what position was it but thay made a hole at the bottom.
Liang Ian then stick his finger up the hole then pulled Josephine's dick skin.
It was disgusting.
Lim SIAO was damn curious; she kept on looking.
Pang Wai Qi and I kept turning our heads away.
They were fucking around 3 feet away from me!
My poor lil' barbaric puppy.

My father was so anxious about finishing a book - about the last few days of the buddha -, he practically peed and read all at once!


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