Tuesday, September 16

My Best Friend's Hot.

Watched Money Not Enough 2.

Josephine kept on disturbing me about going to 3C or America. I feel like whacking his fucking ugly face. Ci bai...

Liang Ian's no more fun. All he does is kam me on the face.

I needa get Liang Ian and Josephine dolls with big boobs.

Yesterday, white(V) and black(Josephine) gang bang me. Liang Ian tried to grab my boobs. Don't play play with me, man. I'll get Pui wai to sit on them.

If Pui Wai told em' she love them,
will they have heart attack?
If Pui Wai stick a finger up their asshole,
will they get pregnant?
If Pui Wai fart,
will they die?

I REALLY REALLY needa get my own camera.
Liang Ian tied a pony tail at the back of his head.
Josephine asked me to tie for him; I tied it on top.
He look like some freakish ah gua getting ready for some ah gua party; he even put hair clips!

We were hungry.
A very nice shop was crowded.

Me: Daddy, let's go. It's too crowded.
Daddy: Do you know that women like something, they'll do anything to have it? See, it's crowded with women. You won't understand cause you're not one.


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