Tuesday, September 23

Don't Worry, Be happy.

Now Catherine's not talking to me. I thought she understands? I don't know what other fucking shit people said to brain wash her.

I miss Catherine.
I needED time alone; now I'm done with that.

My *some text missin'* father don't let me go Sunway Lagoon. I mean, Shannon and Josephine's going away soon. I wanna spend more time with em'. Ugh.
Gonna keep persuading him.

For the morning section, check out Lim SIAO(Lan Jiao)'s blog.
Oh, if there has anything with Amanda's cute, please ignore it. She's bullshitting.

My class don't have electricity for the a couple days.
Yik Lurn: SO hot! You make me so hot, You make me wanna cry, you're so ridiculous. I can't barely stop, I can't hardly breath...
Dude, who the hell is he singing to?

Liang Ian must be the funniest guy I've ever known.

Liang Ian: Amanda, look at Pui Wai, she's so cute.
I see her fanning herself.
Liang Ian: *sighs*

He took our malay teacher's chair out the class, in the class, then back into the faithful place and look into teacher's handbag.


Shannon took two shirt,
stuff it in his shirt and jump.

Shannon: Cikgu, cikgu! Tengok! C-cup boobs! *bounce, bounce*

The boys have some lust over my spectacles.
Oh, they do.

They rub it against their dick,
hooked it on their shirts and socks,
Stuffs it in their pants(mean while showing me their[Liang Ian] suspenders),
hooked it on the edge of their shoes.

I think they have more surprise for me. ;)
I'll be waiting(not).

I don't want to be an ass to forgive you first(even thought I'm the victim).
I apologize.

Re-Phoa Phoa.

First of all, sorwie, it's not childish but notunderstanding.
2. I never say I want to fuck with Barney or Spongebob. Why should I? They have no holes.
3. I don't draw bikinis on every thing I see. But I would love to. Especially on Osama bin Ladin. ;)
4. I admitted I'm a fucking woman without a penis.
5. I'm selfish? Yeah, I don't want to share Barney with anyone.
6. Arsehole? Do I look like an ass hole?
7. Nahh, I don't think about myself.
8. LOL. I DON'T expect my STUPID jokes to be funny. I just wanted to make you smile.
9. I don't think I'm God. Dude, where did you get that?
10. Done.
11. I love you, Phoa Phoa.


Lim Syau said...

Manda, i don haf a dick, y do u call me Lan Jiao? Sheeesh! u tryly are Cute

Amanda teluh said...


Eat shit lahh you. I'm not cute,==