Tuesday, September 30


After tuition, I went to CentrePoint with my father.
On the way, my father asked me a lot to help him on his blog.
He even interviewed me.

1. Why do you blog?
- Cause' I want to.

2. Did you ever want to make your blog the best in the world?
- I have no intention to.

3. When did you start blogging?
- June.

4. The hits, 600 plus in 4 months?
- No. I just got it 3 or 4 weeks ago.

5. How many post did you post since you started blogging?
- 92.

My laptop needs to be re-format.

Jhen hau, could you please help me?

Anyway, I went to CentrePoint's double C.
The first thought of this CC to me" Wah lao, maybe this CC will have darn good internet access than the others."

15 minutes later...

Gan ni nia chao pet pet. Wa kalu gong, CC ini du lan more gao gao than my lao bu. Ma chi pet.

I wasted 2.50 bucks for nothing. The only thing that was entertaining was the air con, the very comfy chairs, the shouts of the people playing online games.

It was really entertaining. They have lots of different language of vulgar words. Malay, Chinese and Tamil.
Wa diao, if i want to improve my swearing skills, I should always go to CC.

They don't have Microsoft Word. =(

Their computers and stuffs are all black!

Black money CC

After 1 hour in the CC,


CC is my new dictionary/grammar lecturer of vulgur words.

I was chatting with Shannon then some arsehole sent me an instant message.

Our conversation.

Him: Sure, tq ur price.
Him: I sending MYPO. Waitng 4 ppl come atend ur house.
ok. u wan me to teach u how to hack ur com??
haha. talking wit a hacker?
haiz. go to hell la.
Me: Kamu siapa.
Him: kamu bodoh?
Me: Yeah but not as stupid as you.

I think he meant about that virus. That stupid thing sends automatic crappy message with one of his wholesome brother(another virus).

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