Saturday, September 13

Running, Smiling, Frowning Out Of My Mind.

6 country I want to visit:
. (They have the best prostitute)
. (They have the best history)
. (They have my husband there)
Egypt.(They have the last 100000 sexiest man there)
New Zealand
. (they have the funniest streets names*)
Australia. (they have the best view of penguins fucking)

*you'll understand if you've been to New Zealand.
I'll give you some example.

Hakanui Road
"Fish is softer" road.

Sala street.
Wrong street.


Shit street.


Caucasian brother street.


Good father street.


Go fuck yourself street.

Since we are talking about street, there are other funny streets from other country.

I needa get a new dictionary.

I wanna go
New Zealand on 2011 for the next Rugby World Cup! Woot!

This is the
Hakka dance.

Yeah, the way they dance is really funny.

Please don't get me puzzles as presents.
3 words:

I.Don't. Play. (unless it's a picture of a hot chick)
Okayy, that's more than 3 words 8)

Minn hwei, I got your letter! At last! Phew.

I was using the computer. Fucking sister wanted to use; so I let her(only after 30 minutes).

: What do you want to do?
Me: Fuck you.
She then kept touching hitting,
talking at my ears screaming
and pushing
kicking me.

She really can't keep her hands of me.
Am I that sexy? ;)

Daddy and I's conversation.

Me: Heyy, you're wearing a orange suspenders.
*stares at his suspenders*
Daddy: Yeah. Sexy horr?

*he looks again*
Daddy: I can't see me underwear unless I push my tummy away.

Tv has a bold headed gayish actor.

Daddy: You call that a monk?! Bloody gayish.

Daddy: You can't even see your pussy.

Me: Of course! It grew right under me. =D

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