Wednesday, September 17

Sharing's Caring.

No school!

My sis ter asked me something I shouldn't be answering.

Amelia: Cherrie* Where does your discharge come out from?
Amelia: Your asshole ahh?
*smack on the head*
*drags her*
Me: Lao bu, I think you should have a mother and daughter talk. She's asking me inappropriate questions.

I actually kinda just disappear. poof!

After a while, she came back.
I asked her how was it.
She told me where the discharge come from.

Me: Anything else?
Amelia: No! She kept on talking on the phone. Our conversation was like 8 over 100.

She even asked me question I never ask my mother.
- What colour is your discharge?
- Does discharge stink?

Sweet Mary father Jesus.

Went to the Curve with my family. Ugh.

Cup cakes!(minn hwei, when you come back, we are so gonna bake! Anyone wanna join?)

Big Apple!

They've got a new cover for the packaging.

When Lao bu and I were on the way to but my surf pants, she got distracted by MAKE UPS!

By the way, I was biting my finger nails.

I should introduce this to Josephine.

So he won't be black anymore.


Bought two pants! =D
Yeah,I'm not gonna camwhore about my pants.

Got the latest book of Mr Mystery. This may sound lame but I have the whole bloody collection.

Read some very cute Pokemon book.


Bullhead, Kecreon, Lavitar.

Pikachu and ??.

They are playing hide and seek! how adorable!

He's making it worst.

Now it has two fucking hands coming out of it.

The Pokemons thinks that the machine's a monster.


How adorable.

He meant these guys.

and this,

as Meow.

I told my father I needed to get my own camera; he agreed.
I wanted to go look t the cameras; he look worried.

We had diner at a place called VIVO.

Let me show you the menu.

Look so nice, huh?

*mouth watering*

This is my diner.

One thing I know about is that,

I won't be going back there to dine.

The food sucks.

My whole life to women, I have been like this cat .

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