Sunday, September 7

Shuuudduuuppp; Lim Peh Talkin'.

My Lao bu amazed me; she let me out.

Josephine FFK me. ==

Meet up with em', played pool and ate at some all Chinese(la-la) - V's suggestion - restaurant.

This is the retarded guy who owns the restaurant.

It doesn't taste nice at all.

Shannon's no meat ass.

Watched Babylon A.D.

Then we went to Echo Park to play basketball; I suck.

I then went to shop for slippers; Ching, Shannon, Lim SIAO and Chee Ken came along.
Next stop was the book store.
Shannon told me he reads. 00 I was like fuck you but he insists that it's true. OO

I SO doubt that.

Then Chee Ken needed to berak. So we waited for him; oh, he's LONG baby.
I couldn't tahan so I kept calling him from outside the toilet; no answer.
He sure love taking his time.
I then called him on his phone; no answer.

When he came out,
Nia me for what? I half berak-ing, suddenly my pants was virating.


Then we were monky-ing around.


Oh baby, he look HWAT.

Ching kinda ruined the picture. =(

Chee Ken and Lim SIAO! =D

She wouldn't let me out.

He too.

Lim SIAO and Ching.

My sexy V.ery I.mportant P.rostitute. ;) (Finding him a sexy pink singlet).

What a day. =)

I'm don't know how to make a sexy face. =D


Lim Syau said...

Manda, u ruined my idol - Mariah Carey, u should have pose sexier ): don mention de SIAO so BIG ):

Amanda teluh said...

tee hee. I dunno how to act sexy lahh. =)

Lim Syau said...

i will bring orange to enlarge ur boob to make u sexier for the next time. (:

Amanda teluh said...

==. No thanks.