Thursday, September 25

Sweet Jesus! (D8)

What trust do I owe you?

I shouldn't have gone to school.
I was just fucking around for six hours. ==
I didn't really hangout with the guys today(accept for the last two periods)

Ah Sam never bring her camera. ==

*some text missin'* a fucking bitch.
Fucking perasan.
With a retarded face and irritating voice like hers, who want her?

Even Monster Cookie is better looking.

Tell the school: Not to get a big mama like malay to teach English.

My chinese teacher have some issue with me sitting on a same chair with guys guys like women.
I feel like I'm in some Hong Kong show's court scene.


Sorry but I don't have any objection with sitting with guys guys like women.

I've just realize I can't get high with anyone but Kien Yi! 
I don't why;. We just go bloody high AUTOMATICALLY.  
It's like a horny dog fuck a bitch once he sees her. I feel like I'm on pot
I love that pig faced faggot. 

I Heart You banyak banyak, Kien Yi!
*Smooch* ;)

Checked out this blog
Eat shit lahh! 
Say yes to drugs ALCOHOL. TeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHee.

Note to myself:
McShakers's friggin' delicious!

I was playing 5 on 5, then suddenly mother nature peed
Damn Du lan.
Just for 15 minutes.
Coach gave us a hard geram lecture.(He's not that scary)
Lost in senior, won in junior.

Melissa(Pang Wai Qi!!!! =DDDDDD) was gonna shoot but I couldn't reach cause she's too tall.
Gotta find badminton kaki(s) so I could stretch my body(I'll be taller than Catherine, man 8D).

Exam's coming soon!

These days, I've been craving for studies. Yeah, I don' believe it myself too but it's true.
I can't study at home; dunno why. I must go out just to study. == 
Wanna study with meeeeeeeee? 8D
I've got so much to do. Ugh!

To Do List

1. Study.
2. Study more Malay.
3. Read history comic book.
4. Practice on my science's structure questions.
5. Memorize and revise fucking maths formula.
6. Find a day for my date with Erin.
7. Find a day for my date with Hong Min Hui.
8. Talk to my father about Sunway Lagoon.
9. Memorize stupid moral nilai.
10. Persuade my father into buying me a camera(Sony's T-300!!!! *faint*) 
11. Read "The virginity club".
12. Read "Breaking Dawn".
13. Sleep more.
14. Study harder.
15. I'm just kidding about shaving my hairy ass.
16. Convince people that I want to study, for real. 

People who likes creativity&Innovation and Buddhism, you should check out my father's blog.
Creativity and Buddhism (please click)
It's kinda boring but for people like Derrick Lee, you may like it.
So don' be an arse and check it out ya? (Damn, I'm rude)

18. Go on a date with my moral teacher. (Note to myself: Buy flower)

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