Wednesday, September 10

V.ery I.mportant. P.ornstar.

Our Chinese teacher's back!(At last, the baby stop pre-ing out of her Virgina).
Teacher wanted to start teaching.(Don't she get tired?)
Everybody said they never bring accept for Liang Ian.

hannon stole mine.

So, teacher was teaching us how to use not only, also.

Not only I'm pretty, I'm also sexy. ;)

Teacher: It's so hard to teach this class.

I really need to get a camera of my own! (T900!)

I'm not really good at drawing bikinis.

I went high; it's been a long time.
Kien Yi, Jessica and I.
Oh how much I've missed being high. I never get to do these days cause of some people.

Jessica, TINKIE WINKIE's purple; DIPSY's green; La-La's friggin YELLOW; PO's red.

I'm not really sure.

Dis is dick. Say D-I-C-K.

I didn't know Teletubbis has milk bags. It makes me wonder, do they have milk in it?

I still remember this friggin' annoying baby.

Now, this is what I call Heineken kaki(s).

Chee Ken suddenly hug me; I was like ??.
Then, he let me go.
I was like sniffing myself asking why is it so smelly.
He got me all fragrant-ed. Ugh.
I hate fragrants. ==

Fucking Najwa kept on picking on V.
Me likie. ;)
She made Chee Ken and V stand on chairs.

Chee Ken: Cikgu, it's gonna patah.
Cikgu: Bagus.
Chee Ken: Nanti saya mati lehh.
Cikgu: Kami akan bury kamu.

Had a conversation with Josephine(not about sex!). He kept telling me he wanna change schoo(and house).
If he transfer school,
I'll kill, roast, then eat him like babi(s).

Don't you find UCSI's advertisement annoying? I do.


It sounded like You See Ass I(punya).

Does women actually
divorce just because her husband wouldn't chase after her limited edition Chanel lipstick?(???)
I wouldn't even mind my boyfriend(if I have one) looking at women with big boobs; I'll eventually enjoy the scenery with him.
Women...Tsk Tsk.

Erin thinks my blog's corrupted.
Awesome. =)

During recess, I felt like I'm surrounded with childish people.

To Tiffany:

I know how the shit you felt when you hung out with us.

Who the fuck - at the age of fourteen - go loco at the word and description of the word, BREAST?(???)
Milk-producing parts of women.

They call me retarded. Yeah right.

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