Saturday, September 20

Happy Go Lucky.

Ways not to make the boys move.

1. Get Shannon someone. (hmmm....will he like Elmo?)
2. Kick V out; he's the reason we can't study.
3. Make Chee Ken live with Hong Min Hui. (Note: remind him to bring his air con and mosquito netting)
4. Shut Kien Yi up and ask him to stay.
5. Persuade Josephine. (Promise him there'll be hot, sexy girl for the next few years)

Boys, would you buy these stuffs? I don't see what's so nice about it.

Compare to these.

ohhh, yeeaaa. ;)

I cried when I hear the song The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script.
I love this song.
My father loves it too.

My father's becoming like my fucking mother.
Men are becoming like women.

He's too concern about his face.

Anyway, went out with my dad to pay bills.
He's bloody using celcom! ==

Wah lao, if I don't help you means you won't be helping me lahh?

Express train just got a new cousin.

Maybe I may pull something else out.

No, it's not close.

After paying the bills, we drop by McD.

Yeah, well, for 3 hours.

O zone layer, you arsehole.

What the fuck he's looking at?

My father's friend can't pronounce public.

Pue-bic. pue-bic. Pue-bic.


When can I ever fucking grow up and move out of this shitty ass cocking house?