Wednesday, October 1

Can't Stop Thinkin' Bout' Chu.

Selamat Hari Raya!!! <3

Chee Ken's sleeping like a baby. How adorable.

Chee Ken picked me.
I spent my day at Sunway Lagoon.

Sunway Lagoon took my snacks away! Their freaking mineral water's 3 bucks per bottle (?). == .
I was whinning till I had fun.
I saw too much asses(and boobs), it hurt my eyes badly.
Some are nice but some are like shit man.
Even some of the male Ki Ling kia(s) has boobs! It was bouncing so hard when they run, it made mine look like roti canai. I should supply them bikinis.

My darling. <3
Sorwie Ashley but I've gotta spoil the picture. =D

Minn Hwei, she looks like you! (D8)

Mendy and Sandy.

We so then decided to head for the bitch beach part of Sunway Lagoon.

We girls with Ashley taking the picture.

Sandy was everywhere! On the beach, on the road, in my shirt and my ass.
We bombarded each other with water and sands. Sheesh. =)

Oh no, The Return of The Face Problem! (is going on theater this December)

*Jaw's theme song*.

Me. Ashley. Shannon. <3

Shannon, Wei Ryhs, V-zone and Chee Ken.

Lim SIAO loves it. (?)

Ashley, Sandy and Mendy.


Everyone was staring at us because we were doing something very wrong.
Our victim was Yong Fei.

I enjoyed burying him.

That's his dick(?). Memang ugly.

His balls are like over bake disgusting cookie.

Josephine and Yong Fei. Very bad for children.

We have got a quite crowd watching us. There are even a guy taking pictures of us burying Yong fei.
After when we were done, some Arabs did the same thing without the dicks, balls and boobs.

Ashley and Jing Hau.

Shannon, Sandy and I.

Everyone without V-zone.

I was doing the gay sign!

Lim SIAO and Mendy.

Face problem and Sandy. <3

I think a hot guy caught his attention.

Yong Fei's underware ain't sexy at all.

My lil' boy's totally gay.

Shit, Close your eyes!

Josephine and I. <3

I was desperate to see them make out.

They forgot to bring condoms.

Sexy Ugly models.

Shannon took some anonymous lil' boy under part. Disgusting, huh? Definitely. i couldn't stop laughing whenever I look at this picture.

Very wrong.

Josephine's and mine.
(Yes, I'm very small)

Ashley. Me. Mendy. =D


Yong Fei boh lam pa; he dare not ride it. Tsk tsk.
I was sitting beside Wei Rhys. Damn, he was scared like shit. I couldn't stop laughing at him.

360 degree ride.


Ashley and Jing Hao.

Ashley and Lim SIAO.

Ashley and Mendy. <3

SANDY and Ashley. =)

Best friends. (
excluding me lahh 8] )

Ashley and Yong Fei.

We washed up and head for Sunway Pyramid.
I was still in Sunway Lagoon when Adrian was in Sunway Pyramid. Ahha, I owe you foods. 8)

Josephine(wearing pink!) and Sandy.

Wei Rhys. Ahha.

Was waiting to be fed.

Ashley joined. LOL. 8)


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