Thursday, October 2

Damn, Baby.

Happy 14th birthday, Ee Harn!

My aunty's having a cancer therapy tomorrow. So, I was visiting her in Malacca.
I have a cousin name Patrick. Josephine, you owe me one. ;)

Patrick's a game freak.
Patrick sits down when the game is not that exciting.

but when it gets exciting,

he stands up.

Watch him go crazy with his game.

His Gundam collection.

3D Justin Timberlake in star wars game(?).

Uncle fat fat(I call him that cause he's fat) asked me why didn't I eat 2 packet of rice. lol. I'm known for eating a lot. =D

My neck hurts from yesterday.
I'm still plucking sands out of my hair.

Don't you think it's bad for young children to look at this?

Kissing part. Please skip to 00:27 to watch.

My boy friend in Naruto show.

When he gets crazy, he looks more sexy.

Sexy kan?

Patrick and I playing Naruto game.

I need to train myself.

This too. The BOOBS, man. Sheesh. =)

He talks crap. He mimic whatever it's said in videos.

That's him.
He hits me real hard cause to him, I'm lil' bit more like a guy than a girl. (how awesome is that?)
At 4:30pm, my mother said: "Let's go home."
I felt like giving her a punch. It felt like 2 hours.

On the way back, my sister asked me: "What's prostitute."
So I said: "Do you know Frosty the snow man?"
"Prostitute is Frosty's cousin from his mother side."
"Prosti is her name and titue is her sir name."
She started to whack me.

I was really sleepy.

I had McD for diner.
It's hard to get it when your mother's a pain in the arse organic freak.

I'm going for a study group tomorrow.
I study, okayy? I really do. Sheesh. ==

Oh, I found this in Andrea's blog dated back to 25th September.
I forgotten about it.

AmandaTan is a Horny girl
She so want to watch porn
see people watch porn

There was this guy behind Danielle
holding his laptop don't know doing what
I was like"Amanda! Look! He is watching porn!"
Amanda*turns head* "I can't see"
Amanda*faster put down drink and take spec out!*
Amanda* looks* "Where have?"

All of us was laughing
So I trick her again
At that moment she was still wearing her spec
So... she know i joking already
She took her spec
Then... I say again
she say "yeah rite!"
Danielle,Ching Ching and I was like
Amanda "Don't make me wear this again"
Andrea " I am serious"
Amanda*faster put on spec*


Hearts, people!

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