Monday, October 13

Fried Chickens.

7 more days till' I die.

Good luck to PMR-sers!
(and SPM-sers too)

If you have anything important to tell me, don't mail to my Hotmail account. It's always bloody lagging.
Email to this ----->
How lame is that email address? Definitely have to agree.

On Friday, chatted with Minn Hwei online. I told her it's okayy to SMS me anything.
Well, she DID! I'm soooooooooooooo happy. See me smile! =) =) =) =) =)
Can't wait for her to come back to Malaysia. Chut-ti chut-ti, Malaysiaaaaa. +)
Man, I'm random. *Tee Hee*

GOSH; my father is lame!

Daddy: How many hits do you have?
Me: 1000++ lahh! Sheesh.
Daddy: Oh! You have more than I do!
I gave him the obvious look.
Daddy: Don't worry, I'll catch up. Hee hee hee hee hee.
*smack on the head* A hard one.

I even spelled out LAME on my forehead!
I made mine on the 10th of September and he made his hits counter 2 days after mine.
He has 391 & 169(two blogs) and I have 1267. Let's see who win... ;)
His blog is boring for me. He said: "My blog is only for intelligent peoples unlike you."
== He's the reason I'm not smart. Oh-kayy?

Kien Yi's new hair style made him sexier. +D . I think it's because his hair grew longer.
Kien Yi's lips are also sexy; cherry coloured. Sometimes I wondered whether he wears lipgloss.
Too bad he's not my type; he's my brudder! =D


Ever thought
Why Don't We Have Slimming Advertisements For Men?

I asked my father and he said: "Cause' men don't really care."
I SO agree with it.
Look at Kenny Sia! Fat and funny. =)

Accept for Yin Qin. Read this:

Hey All~!
This blog thing is new to me.
I am rather a tall boy but plump. Dying to be slim and good looking
but, happy with my weight and life.
Addicted to online games-drugs.
Loves anime and books especially twilight series.
Loves Stephanie Meyer very much.
One of my favourite books.
I'm very lazy most of the times.
Computer Hacker. Modder. SLEEPER. Sure You Think I'm Weird And Crazy. But NO~!~!
I'm Kind And Always Try To Help All My Friends. That's All. Smilez Always. =]

Did you see that? People are crazy these days. (Jokkkingg!)
If any women ever asked me whether they look fat, I'll tell them YES, BLOODY FUCKING YES.

Had a group study with Ashley and Josephine.
Woke up at 6a.m, went to McD at 6.50; couldn't reach Ashley on her cell so I went to have an all paid breakfast with Daddiee. =)
Josephine didn't dare to buy Heineken. Suk chun!
Ching then came.
Lao Bu came to fetch me at 11; Fucking early!

Studied, Dare or dare-ed, blackjack-ed.

Pretty kan?

Haw haw haw haw haw!

They dared me. =)

Josephine didn't let me drink cause' he didn't want me to die.



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