Saturday, October 4


I'm now promoting Pulao Ketam.

On the way to Pulao Ketam, my father found this
on the road. We were waiting for the traffic light to turn green.
He opened the door and pick it up.
The truck behind us was like looking at us with this look.

Hello, Pulao Ketam. Again.

This time, my father brought his friend with 4 DAUGHTERS and 1 FREAKING WIFE.
I shall pray for him.

I can't remember their name.

I found this lil' boy very cute.

Not dead lahh.

Lao Bu said this is the best La Pia(some teo chiu biscuit).

One of the daughter asked me: "Your cousin?"
"My niece."

She was shocked.
When I was young, I cried because she called me aunty. ==


She was interested in my niece
but I was interested in these:

They freakin' sell my product there!
I wonder whether they sell condoms.


My grandfather left a shop for his 9 children(8 boys and 1 girl). Now I don't think they sell condoms.
It sells spare parts. It also have sprays.

My father's brother's father's shop.

Going to see how they breed fish.
We've got private boat to take us there.


Daddy and Uncle Leong.

The cats and dogs doesn't fight. =D

This is the closest view I could get.

This is very interesting.
The mother and one of the daughter drop into the water. Luckily there's a net. They even broke it.
It all happen cause they wanna use the SHORT CUT.
What were they thinking? Even I'm not that stupid to take that "SHORT CUT".

Nice walk way but they had to use the "short cut".

So called short cut.

Brought some fish back.
Lim Peh(father's friend) wouldn't let us pay. =(
They were moving even thought it has past 5 minutes without water.

I was bloody carying dead fishes.
It felt VERY wrong.
If I never hate vegetables, I would have become a vegetarian.
Nahh, that'll never happen even if I love vegetables.


Daddy's friend.


I was eating half way till Uncle Leong remind me.

La-la Jien(clam omelete).
Best in the world (Even better than Malacca's).

Pulao Ketam's food are the best.
Our lunch was huge!
I didn't really eat my lunch cause' I was full from my La-la Jien.
You must try this dish when you go there. it's friggin' delicious.


Um, dunno what the hell.

La-La. (seafood version)

She's the friendliest of all.

I ate it. Mushy.

This is how they friggin' cook my La-la Jien! =D

Eh, don't go to the wrong restaurant; It's near the Polis station.

They ate but I was already full so I went online but couldn't get through the line and I didn't want to be a pain in the arse and disturb Uncle leong from his lunch =) so I played Pokemon. +D

Bye bye Pulao Ketam.

I'm not done yet!
After we left the port(and the family), Uncle Leong, daddy and myself head to Jalan Nanas for the BEST CENDOL. You can't get it anywhere but Klang.

I saw some woman who has a look of a man. So I said to my father: "Daddy, I think I saw a transexual."
"Yeah, they have a lot staying behind this building(Cendol store)."
"For 13 years, you didn't tell me?"
"You never ask."

This may be the reason why I'm not smart.

This is my dentist's shop. Till' now I still go for check ups from him. =D


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