Sunday, October 5

Lap Cheong.

Hari Raya is going to an end and I haven't even go to any open house. =(
(This has nothing to do with "Next time invite me ah.")

Why do news papers have obituary?

Why don't we just tell people through mail?
Don't you think the bad guys will call you up and ask for money?

My father kena before.
When my grandfather died, some arsehole called my father for money.
My father ain't brainless. It's boh LP.
He was scared so he took us on a holiday to some place (I think it's Club Med).
I had 4 days off from school. =D Anyway, I was only 4.

I played mah jong with Lao Bu and Amelia. How stupid was I? I could play without those loud aggressive women in Amelia's gameboy.
If only I knew Japanese.

I'm Cranky

and because I'm having a crave for food. I don't know why. It's like I could keep eating.
I'm now officially on a craving (for food) mood. =D

Help me Poppye, help me.

Catherine told me that I force her and Phoa to laugh at my lame jokes(???). I don't have any jokes.
Wah lao, I memang jahat tapi saya tak ingat forcing weih.
Lol, so, for any misunderstanding, I apologize.
I'll force anyone not to laugh at my stupid "jokes"(???) including anything funny of me.


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