Thursday, October 22



Is it that hard for my dad to read my fucked up expression? It was written all over my face. I don't want her around me. I wanna get that thing myself. Jeez.

I was soooooo angry, even when I try eating something, it wasn't soothing enough.
Food helps sometimes.
Luckily I bumped into Sean Wong. Nice kid.
Nice kids makes me smile.
Bryan Wong was talking to a girl intensely. ;)))
I'm totally calmed right now.

I'm pissed all over again. I just settled in and I have to go home now.
I rather not go with my dad when I knew that woman was gonna tag along. I thought she'll go her separate way when we reach.
That fucking woman will make me sleep before 11pm and she'll take all of my electronic stuffs away.

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