Sunday, October 25

Genting Trip with some awesome hooligans.

Memang epic.


I tumpang-ed Andrea Cheow's car.
Reached really early and waited hours for Ching then checked in.
I kept harassing Chee Ken. His cleavage is damn awesome. Ahha.
BUGGER, I thought Genting was cold. I wanted to sleep but it was effing hot so I took off my shirt. Hseuh Yan has a picture of me half naked. CHEE SANG! She better delete it, mannnnn.

Then had lunch at Kenny Rogers.
It was 3pm already. We were discussing when to go to the theme park.
Then went to some du lan haunted house. There were too many people so we split into 2 groups. I wasn't scared at all but the guys I went with were damn funny.
Jiang nam was scared till he sang Uptown Girl. LOL.
Chee Ken kept pulling me back when I was trying to run. haha.


Went back to 1 of the guys room with Adrian, Ah ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and Chee Ken and finished 1 bottle of wine. Adrian and I drank the most.
Adrian wasn't emo after drinking wine until the next morning.

Then the rest came back to play cards and drink.
A few guys got really red after drinking 3-4 times. Jeez. ahha.
Then most of them went out leaving Ching, Chee Ken and I in the girls room.
I was texting Cheau Wei.
Chee Ken was really cute.
Then went down to get Baskin Robbins and Starbucks.

Effed face.

Hcee Ken's leg and my hand.

His smile still scares me.

Imitating Hsueh Yan and I.

Bombarding Chee Ken WITH style. ;)


It was past my bed time but I couldn't get some sleep cause of dramas.
Some people are just arseholes. Jeez.

By 3 am, I couldn't tahan.
I needed to sleep and the girls room was occupied so I bunked in 1 of the guys room.
Then Shannon kept sleeping on me and Josephine kacau-ing me.
I was lucky that the other room of boys were sleeping.
5 guys and 1 girl sharing 2 queen size bed. Siao.
Jiang nam was complaining that he did not have enough space.
It's not his fault he's so fat. ;))
Jiang Nam kept laughing. It was noisy but funny.

After half an hour, we couldn't sleep so we 6 went down to get some air.
Then went back up, Get Smart was on TV, Jiang nam and the guys exercise.
I won Jin Yoong and Ah boon to how long can you last in a 45 degree sit up position.
Jiang Nam gave me a piggy back. He said I was lite. I bet he was just trying to show off. Hahaha.

We finally got some sleep.

The guys told me I snored. :0
Haha. I feel so awesome. Just kidding.

Jhen Hau was relieved that there were space in our room to sleep caused the girls KS-ed their bed. Haha.

Josephine crawled into bed to talked to me.
Josephine thinks Ah boon was pretending to sleep when he's actually listening to our conversation. Haha.
Jiang Nam kept bombarding AH SOH! Damn funny.
Someone should have taken a video of them.
Some guys went and came to bed and we slept till around 7am.

Theme park.
It was loads of fun. Especially that Bumper Boat.
Wei Rhys, Josephine, Jhen Hau, Shannon and I kept bombarding each other. Haha.
That space shuttle thingy wasn't scary until Shannon told me someone lost his head by riding it.
He totally had that satisfying grin on his face.
Headed home at 3pm.

P/s: I didn't get much sleep.
Pps: There will be more to come from Jin Yoong's camera.

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