Tuesday, October 20


Giving Megan Fox a sum sum.

I'm suppose to look like I'm grabbing her boobs but it looks more like I'm giving her bean a sum sum.

So I went out with Catherine, Cheau wei and Danielle.
Watched the Ugly Truth again then hit Carls Jr. Had Chili cheese fries then went window shopping and Coffee Bean.
First time for me at Coffee bean. I'm more of a Starbucks person.

I'm not sure if high heels are like my new phobia cause I like heels but it gives me goosebumps seeing girls(Especially dudes)wearing them. I mean HOW THE HELL CAN YOU WALK ON THOSE. Jeez. Especially dudes.
I would buy high heels for decoration. Ahha. :)

I'm biting her boob. Cheau wei should have taken it form another side of view so my teeth could be exposed. :)

Cheau wei, dan.


My awful Chili Cheese fries.

Cheau wei's. ; )

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