Monday, November 23


Tenby kid; poser much? ;)

Minn Hwei's back from Singapore.
She went to Korea and didn't come back with my bubblegum toothpaste. Damnnnnn! Instead, she got me a Simpson notebook and milk chocolate and glittery dark blue nail polish. Hahaha. Nail polish? I rarely use it but I love whatever you give me. :))))))

Anyway, I'm such a bad friend. After weeks, I now only went to visit Tan Jen. I know I suck. =((
I'm not gonna watch 2012 for the next 5 years.

Today's my 3rd time watching it. Slept too but I prefer watching with Chee Ken. He's much nicer to snuggle against. Minn Hwei's too skinny. Not syok at all. Hahaha. :)

Tan Jen shouted at my face at the end of the movie. == It's not amusing at all.

TJ and MH thought I dyed my hair. Hahahahaha. After many years of knowing them, they now realized I have nice brown hair. =(

I should have asked Chee Ken to go today. Minn Hwei and Tan Jen was damn secretive. At one point, they off-ed their phone when they went to talk somewhere far far away from me.
Joel was like maybe they went to make out or intimate some where. I didn't want to hear man. Hahahaha. It would be impossible but if they really do hook up, they would tell me right?


I'm going to start reading Death Note again.
The last few 6 chapters was REALLY boring. I think Light is going to realize that he's that killer. I have to start reading again! :D

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