Sunday, November 8

Don't You Feel The Rush?


Was watching Mall Cop then suddenly Danielle called me to meet them downstairs cause they have some kind of class reunion.
Go down, then realized I went down for nothing so I went home. Hee. :)
Catherine teased me about something. I couldn't hear it right.
The way you walk so ---------
Look at her ass -------

Anyway, Mall Cop is stupid BUT I love the Indian guy.
What's his name? Ummmmmmmm, Pahud?
I think it's Pahud. Damn, he's sexy. =)

I was sleeping and well, with the head phones on then my MOTHER HAS TO WAKE ME UP CAUSE SHE WANNA KEEP THE EFFING LAPTOP. ==
It's hard for me to sleep at night. UGHHHHH.
My dad came out and I bugged him by talking to him. Hee. :)
I told him about Genting where I slept with the guys cause the girls room was occupied.
He gave me a angry + frowning face.

Going to my cousin's house for a sleepover.
OH, a day without my mother is like 10 days without torture.
4 days ago, she made me sleep at 9:30pm.
Anyway, Uncle Marcus's gonna take me go play badminton. Hee. :)

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