Friday, November 6

Gong Yoo. <3


Erin, this's for you.
Lee Min Ho and hot Aussie model.
2x is some kind of beer.

Erin and I have been trading URLs of Korean stuffs. She's into Korean stuffs too.
She says Choi Min Ho is hotter than Lee Min Ho.
Ho no no. :)
Plus, Minn Hwei's going to Korea!
She's going to KBS studio. Damn.
I've been to Korea's LG's HQ but not KBS.
I think she's going to some International school too.
I went to one of the high school(not sure if it's international) before.
There's this really nice Korean dude who gave my sister and I extra attention. That's what I remember. Hee. :)

I asked her to get me the bubblegum toothpaste.
It's a toothpaste tube filled with bubblegum.
So, you just squeeze and eat.

I wanna go back to Korea again.
Just had Kimchi for lunch.

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