Saturday, October 31

Happy Whatever-ween.

I wasted 3 days of my time.

3 days!
Do you know how many episodes of Naruto can I watch?
Anyway, if I didn't go, I couldn't have ate that great RENDANG. Ohmygod, it's one of the best rendang I've ever tasted. Damnnn. :)

Who cares that I was the one who gave him the pen to sign of that huge board with his face on it? He didn't even look at me. Excuse me, but I was giving you the pen. At least glance a lil?
Or that I had physical contact(I apologize to my school for having physical with not only a boy but a man. *sarcasm*) with him.

OMG, STUPID PHOTOGRAPHERS! I wouldn't have to bang into that oh-I-run-the-country-and-am-too-good-to-look-at-you man if they gave way for me.
Even a photographer tarik saya to get photos of him.

Wah lao, I felt like scolding that photographer.
Jeez, it's not like he comes out from his ENORMOUS house once in a blue moon, kan?

VIPs are suppose to come to my booth but didn't. They specifically said in the email they were suppose to come to my booth.
I don't give a damn but my dad
purposely dragged me to the exhibition to impress you guys.
At least make my dad happy laaa.

Wasted my sweet naruto time. Ugghhh.

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