Wednesday, November 4


Pe-ter Chao!

Today was fun cause the school had a talent show and well, THE INDIANS DANCED!!
You cannot imagine how loud I screamed and shouted till my throat hurt. Hee hee.
Ravi Kumar was extreme man! Omg, I wish I can dance like that.
Then suddenly I shouted Bak Kut Teh out of no where and screamed.
I can so feel Adrian Tang's eyes on me. Hee.
Jiang Nam imitated the Indians dancing. Haha. Damn cute.
Then some other Indians shuffled and I screamed some more.

Oh, and this time, Penis asked me to teman him to go call his mom(obviously I hesitated cause I wanted to watch the Indians shake. ).
Then I was laughing retarded-ly and his mom asked who was it and Penis said Amanda and he passed me the phone!
WTF. haha.
Anyway, she asked me what were we doing(I hope she don't think my voice is like a lil girl's) and I said we're having a talent show and she asked if we participate and I said:
Was about to say he don't wanna
but was laughing too hard cause I just called her child PENIS.

Jiang Nam dig his nose and wiped it on me.


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