Saturday, November 28

I love you best friend. ❤

Me. cousin.
I want to eat Ramly burger.
What is Ramly burger?
The king of all burgers.
Where to buy this Ramly burger?
Road side.

Cheau Wei, my sister and I bought 17 books in total and it's like 132 bucks only. Damn cheap.

Anyway, Minn Hwei organized a surprise birthday party for me.
She made me wait for my guests.
Like that will surprise me.
The guest list was retarded. Sorry to say it but it was true. Friends I wanted to go was not invited. Like whattheeff. :)
It was formal but I didn't wear formal. I have ridiculous friends with ridiculous dress code.

Tan Jen didn't go. ==
At least come for cake or something la. ==

Minn Hwei got me a cake! Hahaha. Delicious-nya. Chee Ken pushed the cake against me. Luckily I held it low. So it had my boobs marked on it. Hahahaha. The whole night, I smelled like puke.
NINJA ASSASSIN is my new favorite movie.
Previous was The Last Samurai staring Tom Cruise.
My favorite movie will never be tear jerking chic flick or comedy movies. Damn gay.

Thank you to those people who attended the party. Those who couldn't make, it's okay and those people who know they should be invited, I'm sorry. Tits doesn't know my friends. ==

P/s: I KNEW ABOUT THE SURPRISE PARTY. I'm like the second 1 to know. :) Gay's fault.

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