Thursday, November 19

Jiang Nam's cute. <3

Erin blogged about tampons.
Darling, I love you but that just unnecessary. You just petrified pretty much most of the girls who read that post. :)

Anyway, I'm suppose to go to Sunway Lagoon but I've been to lagoon many times this year. Sort of fed up.
Joshua was like: "Whattt? I thought you're going. Go laaaa. It's not that fun without you."
Awww but I wanna hang out with the guys. No girls. Yay. I'm just kidding.
Or maybe I'm not. ;D

So, I went to pyramid with Chee Ken and he brought Jiang nam, Edwin and Timohy Patrick.
Ice skated, eat, watched movie, archery, played snooker, bowled and eat again.
Chee Ken, Timothy and I skated less than 1 hour. Chee Ken can't skate. Timothy too and Edwin did great on his first day.
I was banged badly from the back while skating.
I was like: "Shit, I'm wet."
Until I saw his face, Ohhhhhhhhhhh chee sang
he's hot. I couldn't talk. All I could was nod at him. SO dreamy.
I keep telling the guys like :"Omg, did you see his face. He's so hotttttt! I don't mind him banging me again." but all they do was nod cause they're not into guys.

2012 again. Purposely to teman Chee Ken and Timothy.
I slept though. :)
Stupid du lan kampung Indians. They kept talking. It took me a while to sleep.

After doing those activity, went to find those people who went to Lagoon.
Photographed, being crazy and met new friends.
Then went home at 10pm.
I can't upload the pictures cause I don't have the memory card reader. Damn.

I have a picture of Danielle sitting on my lap with an orgasm look on her face. It's gonna be my FB's profile picture.

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