Sunday, November 29


Friend: HE?...

Hahahahahahaha! I love Facebook.

After the party, drove Joshua, hot hot Jon and Cheau Wei home. Slept over at Minn Hwei's Watched Saw6 and My Sister's keeper.
ZOMG, the black woman is the winner for "Scream Queen" .
Minn Hwei made me sleep on the floor because she thinks I'm claustrophobic and so we didn't sleep together.

Today, she came to my house to swim and have a Korean lunch. Last minute aje. Other wise I would have invited other people.
She said she wants me to have a BBQ pool side party and I should have it...WHEN MY MOM'S GONE TO SINGAPORE.

Chee Ken's having fever. My poor fat baby. :(
I think I'm burning up too.
Better consume more water.
Finish watching Ouran High School Host Club.
*2 thumbs up*

I wanna help my mother become a better mother.
Starting with: Purchasing popcorn.

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