Friday, December 4

Desperate housewife.

My best friend asked me about the skating day and
I told her a dude banged me from the back while skating.
She just started laughing after I finish saying

"He banged me from the back while...".

"then I fell on the floor"

"on my knees..."

"and the guy said: I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you?"

Minn Hwei introduced me to her Singapore friend. The one I thought was really adorable! She's like a looking panda! So cute! But I didn't dare to tell her that cause she's a woman.

Anyway, we were talking about MLIA and I asked MH to post something funny but she didn't have anything funny until she thought of the day we had that conversation about me and the dude in the ice skating ring.
OMG, you have to admit it. It is hilarious.
I couldn't stop laughing when we talked about it yesterday.

Then my dad couldn't sleep so he came into my room and we talked and I told him the conversation I had with MH and he laughed his ass off.
So cute!

I'm hungry.

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