Monday, December 28

Don't feel feverish at all.

I'm sick.
Having fever. :(
It started yesterday and I locked myself in the room in the afternoon for 3 hours and after 3 hours, the fever faded(I took care of myself :D) and came back at night and this morning. ==

Anyway, I belum pergi Christmas shopping. =/
Didn't even get my relatives stuffs. Not to mention Erin's birthday present too. I hope I get well soon to make it to Erin's birthday party.

I asked my mother to take me to the nearest shopping mall in Malacca so I could get something for my relatives but she said: "What you wanna buy?! I buy already; you don't need to buy!"
It'll be more sincere if I used my own money.

I should get my lao bu to take me out for Christmas shopping tomorrow.

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