Monday, December 7

Erin and her blog filled with stupid add maths pictures.

Yesterday I went to see new moon with my Twilight crazy friends. Not being a fan of Twilight, I felt like an outcast tagging along. When Robert Pattinson came on screen, a 8 year old girl got up and screamed; "Cedric Digory lives! I must tell Dumbledore!" She then proceeded to run out of the cinema along with half the cinema including me. I've never felt so included. MLIA

I totally laughed my ass off.

Anyway, I had my first Add Maths tuition and OMG,
I woke up at 7:30am just for tuition. I feel so hardworking and awesome. Haha. Just kidding and I did not have breakfast but luckily my brain actually works at 8 in the morning.

So I had my dad to drive me through McD's DriveThrough to get me a McD breakfast meal.
I was in a rush and I had to eat fast food. Haha. Get it? Forget it. I'm just being lame.

Anyway, I asked my dad whether he have tried McD breakfast and he said he did, IN NEW ZELAND.
Oh MOTHER. I felt a rush of jealousy.
He had his first McD breakfast in New Zeland and I had mine in Malaysia.

I got this from Erin's blog.
Hahaha. Totally true.

amanda. me. jia jen.

tongue hung out and stared blankly into nothing with her question paper in her hands,
she looked like a retard. kind of like this Tongue hanging out smilie Pictures, Images and Photos .
starts laughing like a mad women when i caught sight of it.
what, what, WHAT? O.O
oh, nothing, just appreciating your love for additional mathematics.
dont i looove it!
turns to jia jen.
i hate my life.
me too.


Anonymous said...

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A.Man.La! said...

Thank you to whoever you guys are. :)

I can't believe I only saw these comments now. :( Sorry.

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