Monday, December 21

Gay Face.

After praying my grandparents, my dad took my sister and I to go get the PSP Slim 3000 series for my sister and I get 30% of the ownership.
It's either laptop or PSP. She already have a laptop.
Then played badminton with a bunch of cousins, slept over at cousin's, swam, bowled.

My 9 year old cousin brother: Amandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lets go shower!

He's so cute.
He also kept asking us if we wanna see his ass.
Anyway, he showed it to us. LOL. Kids...

He didn't know that his dad and mine are brothers. LOL.
He bullies his dad like how I bully mine.
No wonder we're cousins. :D

Am now talking to Tan Jen through MSN. Updated gay face's blog. :D

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