Sunday, December 13

Hardcore Chinese people and their hardcore Chinese wedding.

Daddy. Cheau Wei. Me.

It's Cheau wei.

After Minn Hwei left that day, I spent 1 hour cleaning up. I'm not gonna let her go home until my house is clean. My small soft hands isn' that smooth anymore. Yay. Haha.

It was the MOST BORING 2 AND A HALF DAYS ever(accept for that road trip to Bukit Merah with my dad and my sister).
I went to my mother's side's cousin's wedding. I don't even talk to the bride. ==
My present was not needed AT ALL.
By the way, it was a hardcore Chinese wedding. Ohmygod, those people had full blasting karaoke and it lasted 2 hours long.
I had to stuff tissues into my ears. Even after that, the music was still freaking loud. I can't even hear myself talk!
My guy cousin didn't go and I was so bored. ==

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