Wednesday, December 23

Thank you Money Tree for everything.

On a cold night, my phone suddenly rang. Know your enemy by Green Day was playing. I quickly got up and ran to my phone for I thought somebody important needs me.
I answered it without knowing and look at the caller ID's name: Tim Patrick's annoying friend.
Without hesitating, I just hung up like that and crawled back into my bed.
For once, I feel rude.

Oh, hello.
Tan Jen ruined my morning.
Fine, I cari pasal aje. Not his fault at all but it was sooooooooooooooo gay! Like really gay
OHMYGOD, I'm having goosebumps now. Ughh.

By the way, Facebooooook is full of retards spilling out their feelings about tomorrow.
What are you people now? Annie?
Jeeeeez people, get a life. I don't even wanna know the results and I'll be in Malacca. :)

Sooooo, today's my last day. :(
Just got my check! HAHAHAHAHA.
No, I'm not gonna take picture of it and post it on my blog like those typical annoying ewwww girls.
All I want to say is, I GOT MY CHECKKKK. :)
I ada bonus too. Wah lao, my boss super nice la. I don't even deserve a bonus. I didn't dare to tell him that though. Very pai sei. Hehheh.
I wanna work at MT again. Not because of the money but they're a bunch of awesome people. :)

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