Tuesday, December 15

Love is all you need. ♥


All you need is love.

Imy. Probably cause now I know what I'm missing. Sort of. Hmmmmm. :)
Work was boring cause I was surrounded with either super quiet people or obnoxious people. Where are the fun people? Vivek couldn't make it. ==

Timothy Patrick's gonna get it from me when school starts because his friend had a glimpse of me which is badddddd cause boys are getting blind.

Talking to Chee Ken now.

I just realized that I don't smile at people I barely know accept for that Indian hobo looking dude who cycled pass me the other day. I gave him a huge smile.
Does that make me UNFRIENDLY?
Cause I'm SUPER friendly.
Well, not so much to lame obnoxious people.

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