Sunday, December 6

Maybe he wants attention.

Rob Thomas.

I'm at Malacca since yesterday and the yay just turned, I wanna go home before my crazy-sort-of-wanting-attention-I-presume cousin tries to do something crazy to me beside choking me with his arm or hiding my phone in a locked room from yesterday's afternoon till this morning.

OMG, that totally pissed me off cause I've wanted to talk to Cheau Wei since I don't know and she's in Penang so no internet and
SO I had to text her.
A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY long text message.
I still have to call her. Arrgghh.

I think I've finally calmed down.
Guitar Hero 5 has some awesome songs. All Guitar Hero's Jimmy Eat World songs are stupendous. Love it.

Oh, I finally finish Twilight.

1. The movie is nice and creative.

2. but I don't understand the story. If I didn't read that AWESOME book, I wouldn't understand a thing.
3. Robert Pattingson is sizzling hot.

4. I'm craving for ribs.


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