Friday, December 18

Paintball is tiring.

CK: You wanna see my face?
I thought it wasn't that important so I said tomorrow.
Then he invited me to webcam with him and he showed me this face.
I love my fat mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

I gave sexy Jon massages. Oh, his body's really sexy.

Not only did I give him massages, he too gave me massages.
He even demanded for massages. Hahahaha.
Put aside that Mh, Josh and I also exchange massages.
Sexy jon gave me massages. Wooooo. Hahahaa.
Cheau Wei couldn't join us cause she was having cramps. Bummer.

After that, went to play paintball with Wei rhys, Chee Ken, Ah Boon, Jiang nam, Jin Yoong and Shannon.
ALL OF THE GIRLS couldn't make it. ==
After we played 2 rounds, a bunch of random hardcore looking Chinese people asked if we wanna play against them.
I sooooo prefer the "jungle" cause it's bigger and I can run about without getting hit fast.
Anyway, those Chinese people reminds me of Jhen Hau. Very kia su. :D Only play 2 rounds with them.

It's pretty tiring. My whole shirt was wet after 2 games.
At the end, only 3 people had extra bullets so they had a 1 on 2 match.
Chee Ken sangat ke poh. He went in without any gun and just stand there waving his arms in the air.
The referee was signaling Wei Rhys, Jin Yoong and Shannon to aim for Chee Ken.
"Tembak itu baju putih! Baju putih!"
So the 3 of em gang bang-ed Chee Ken.
OMG, his bruise is bad, mannn. Hahahaha.

The only place I was hit was my boob. == Shannon la! Hahaha.
Was quite sleepy so I could say I wasn't that fun. :(((((
I curse Chee Ken for his broken Alphard. Because of that, we had to take the bus.
I don't mind but we were so stupid; we waited at the wrong bus stop. Then it rained and the bus stopped was at the other side of the road. We had to wait for 1 and the half hour for the rain to stop.

Tan Jen got his new fuh yoh laptop and am now talking to him online but he had to go call some other person.
Thinking about it makes me laugh. :)

I-ate-ribs. Oh, I feel fatter already.

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