Friday, December 25

Steve Aoki's in the house.


I'm still in Malacca and I'm clearly enjoying myself with my cousin and my cousin's cousin and my sister.
Complicating much? Heh. :D

Anyway, my mother just blurted out that I like to swear, in front of the elders.
Okay, not blurted out. She PROBABLY plotted it.
Well, isn't it embarrassing?
Luckily I had 2 cool uncle and aunty who understands.

If ya wanna rant on me, don't do it when I'm not around you dimwit.
If she thought ranting on me in front of elders could change me, she must be retarded for the past 15 years of living with me.
Okay fine; not a retard but not a good observer. See, I'm so nice. ==
Jeez. I doubt that she'll like it if I said something embarrassing in front of my relatives.
Her IQ must be -1.
What a shame.

My little cousin's so cute. He responds to AH ZHAIII.
His mother calls him that. Hahaha. SO cute. I should have taped down my sister and him playing loco roco 2. Gonna watch Sherlock Holmes later at 1 am. :D

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