Thursday, December 17

They wanna aim my AH HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I'm at Cheau Wei's house now cause I want to.

Oh, today's my mother's birthday but she's gonna celebrate her birthday with PARKSON. Weird woman. Anyway, since that woman's not home tonight, I'm gonna get my dad to take me out for RIBS. :D

These are a couple things that happened in Bukit Merah.
No1. I asked a customer how much is a Ramli burger. My sister laughed her ass off. ==

No2. My dad stopped at a R&R an I just woke up. So, I headed to the toilet and suddenly my sister was like "Eh! Where are you going? It's here". She points at the women toilet sign.
Then I realized, oh ya hor, I'm not a guy.
LOL. I think the 2 ladies behind me laughed. ==

Anyway, woke up 7 in the morning just to go to school to help out. So not me but whattheheck. I don't wanna stay at home with a couple of lunatics.
Tomorrow, I either go play paintball with the guys or hang out with Cwei, Mh and the twins at McD or Ou with TJ.
I prefer paintball. I miss the guys. :)

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