Thursday, December 31


From Paintball.

I've got 3A, 2C and 2D.
Aced the English subjects. Screw the Malay subjects la.
I'm in the wrong country.

Celebrated Erin's and Chee ken's birthday at Wei Rhys house yesterday.
Stupid guard dunno what's board pants. So the boys didn't get to swim. ==

I've just recovered from my fever so didn't get to drink. :(
Chee Ken and Jiang nam was quarantine in a room for being drunk. Effing funny. There were shouting, laughing and rolling about on the bed. Hahahahaha. That sounds gay.

What I heard is that the 2 Taylors broke up.
Team Edward, huddle up! Bella is being eyed by the werewolf. I repeat, Bella is being eyed by the werewolf. Evacuate Team Jacob! NOW NOW NOW!

Haha, I'm so lame.

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