Friday, December 4

What really happened today.

Daddy. Me. Cheau Wei.

Lemme see what did you buy.
Goo ya holic? What's goo ya holic?
But it says Goo ya holic.
Is this Malay?

Oh, I just wasted a day.
I was really pissed at my mother for being so Malaysian but when I reached OU and saw Chee Ken, I lighted up! :D
Then I continue sulking after meeting up with MH.

It's suppose to be Tan Jen's "farewell party" but it totally sucked.
Watch New Moon, ate, went up to upper roof to chat.

I could have been in office helping out at the camp they're running.
Whatever, I'm gonna take TJ out one day.

When I'm not lazy.

I just realized that he's going away.

Far far away.

Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr far awway.

I'm gonna mi- OH LOOK, a cookie.

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