Thursday, November 18

"Is 'Live' spelled as L-I-V-E?"

I had to make less than a 100 calls today in 9 hours.

My neck hurts.

Anyway, I called this guy with a
"Good Afternoon, this is Amanda calling from MoneyTree."
I thought he said
so I proceeded with another line and suddenly, I thought I heard
"Shutup, shutup, shutup."
so I stopped and asked
"Pardon me?"
and he said
"I'm in a meeting.".
I said
"Okay, thank you"
then hung up.
This guy works for the Minister of Women and Children Association.

First of all, I see you're busy but that doesn't mean you had to shut someone up with SHUTUP, SHUTUP, SHUTUP.
Second, SERIOUSLY? SHUTUP, SHUTUP, SHUTUP? Well, kurang ajar much?
Third, I think he was just so damn rude cause he hesitated before hanging up on me.
If I were him, I would have said "In a meeting, sorry." then hang up immediately.

My dad laughed at me and so did all of my colleague.
One of my colleague instantly said: "Who is that bastard? Let's call him back and tell him you're not gonna shut up."

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