Wednesday, January 19


She has been an awesome friend. <3>
Though her kryptonite is waking up. SERIOUSLY, DAMN HARD TO WAKE HER UP. Oh, and she's not a morning person and cannot go near her when it's the time of the month. SCARY! :)

During Cheau Wei's birthday dinner, I suggested we celebrate her actual birthday at my place.
Pizza, swimming and ping pong. So we did.

Went straight to my place after school.
Ping pong is always fun cause some of the guys don't know how to play. So they tend to screw up more often which is hilarious.
Alvina, Andrea and I didn't swim. We didn't feel like it so we played MONOPOLY DEAL.
Whole-some card game. I brought it to school and everybody loves it except Liang Ian. He thinks he's too macho for it. Hahah.

We stopped playing after awhile cause we had to take pictures of the guys swimming.
They are so cute! Look at Chee Ken.

Cheau Wei had to go home earlier. :( No group photos.
Ouh, I forgot to tell Boon he look fine today.

"Give me chipssss! :(((((((((((("
Hahahah! So cute la.

I think Boon was trying to make some cleavage. Hhahaahaha!

He was angry at me cause I forgot to tell him to come straight after school. Hahaha. Sorry Wei Rhys!

Bromance. <3 href="">

Chee Ken's photoshoot. HAHAHA.

Awwwwww. :')


Suddenly Chee Ken started taking off his pants cause he wanna change. We totally cornered him. HAHHAAHAHAH! Nice ass, Chee Ken.

Chili flakes. Edwin looks like Sylvester Stalone.

Hahahaah! Wei Rhys' so cute.

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