Sunday, February 6

Daddy made me his coffee buddy.


just came back from Mid Valley. Haven't been there for a while.
We ate at my favorite Chinese restaurant, Esquire Kitchen.
The only Chinese restaurant I super love.
Is there a word for flawless craftculinary-manship?

When I get rich, I'm gonna buy in the whole company. Not franchising.
I'm gonna buy the whole company and add 2 dished.
Lap Cheong
and Taiwan Sausages.
My two favorite Chinese food. 8)
Annnnd, I told my dad that I will have a special menu. A lunch set where my favorite dishes will be in a set and the price would be very low.
More affordable for some people.
My preposterous sister said I'd lose money
but I like food and I like seeing people happy.
I'll do it my way.
Haha, Frank Sinatra.

Big Bang Theory is getting better each season.
Am at season 3 now.
Bye bye.

Oh wait, my dad and I had Gloria Jean's coffee and it was AWESOMEEE.
Mocha caramelatte.
Caramel latte at Starbucks is wonderful but mocha caramelatte is way better.
Ohhh, they have very vanilla latte and white chocolate latte.
Curve has got Gloria Jean. Yay.

There's another frozen yogurt shop; Spoon.
I prefer Tutti Frutti.

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