Sunday, March 13


My dad took me to an education fair at Midvalley.
It was horrible. I thought it would be fun but it was a DRAGGG.
I have never felt more stupid in my life. Having those people handing out brochures or asking if I'm interested.
It will never happen to me. I'm not much of a driven, ambitious person.
My self esteem is so low, I can suffocate even with an oxygen mask on.

All I could think of then was
fruit juice, buy Wei Rhys's present and go home to play Pokemon.

I didn't even get to buy Wei Rhys's present. -.-

I wanna go any where away from my sister and mother to study business or whatever shit that help with opening my own bakery(LIKE THOSE REALLY COOL BAKERIES YOU SEE IN PARIS; not in Malaysia), be an awesome baker and barista.

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