Sunday, May 1

Who is awesome? ;)

So I went to Pavillion to buy me dad a pair of Timberland for his 50th birthday.
That fat boy doesn't like to pamper himself.
Correction; he doesn't pamper himself.
Last time, he bought a very pretty-all-red Timberland but it got stolen after a couple of months and it was very 'sakit hati' for daddy. So I thought I'd buy him another pair.

I chose this but he prefers the other one.

I wanted to buy the pair of shoes and surprise him on his 50th birthday celebration with his other 2 brothers(3 brothers born on the same date but different year) but my mother was fretting that we wouldn't get the size right and maybe he would prefer another design.

Anyway, he brought him to the shop and he was one happy fat bitch. <3

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