Friday, July 15


Hi there. I'm on my cousin's iPad.
Am at my cousin's house in Malacca.
I skipped school to support one of my dad's successes. I woke up at 8am? Went to Malacca Sirim at 9:30am and the opening ceremony started at 10:50am.
The MB of Malacca gave a 10 minutes talk and the minister of Science and Education gave a 15 minutes talk. The prize giving was only like 6 or 7 minutes. Ridiculous. And furthermore, I was having my period. I was suffering. It was horrible.
Anyway, so far it has been fun. It has always been fun here. Just bought a pair of Angry Birds slippers and a box of REALLY yummy egg tarts. The crust....oh gosh! By far the best egg tarts I've ever tasted.

My cousin and his parents and I are suppose to go on a midnight movie marathon. Transformer and Harry Potter 7 part 2 but I've already watch it so now they are not going because I don't wanna waste their money. They
Don't want to leave me at home but it't okay la, their house have almost everything...that is entertaining of course.

THERE WAS A FREAKING COCKROACH ON MY HEAD AND IT WAS HUGE. I kept scratching my hair and finally it just dropped in front of me. OHMYGOD IT'T FREAKING DIRTY LEGS WERE ON MY PRECIIUS HAIR. I HATE INSECTS. MOTHER NATURE PLEASE SPARE ME. I have insect phobia. SO SCARY LA. Wahlao, I don't want to have cockroach nightmare.
Icandieliao. Icandieliao. Angry Birds time. Bye-bye. :)

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