Friday, August 26

This was marked by my English teacher who shouldn't teach English.


Friends, I never really had them but my very first friend was a girl. It was the first day for me as a standard one student at the school my parents enrolled me in. As I glanced around, majority of students were crying probably because they were scared? But I knew I was not. Breakfast that day was bacon and cheese with a side of toast bread and beans.
So I was satisfied to the fullest.

"Hi, your zipper is open. Nice underwear. Spongebob is my favorite." Oh, someone was next to me. She had a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. It was unusual for Asians. "Maybe she is mixed" I thought to myself. Her jet black hair was tied up into two ponytails. Her lips as red as when my mother put on her Loreal lip stick.
And she had the prettiest smile.

"What's your name?" I asked?
She ignored me and took out a bag of toys. GI Joes to be exact. I love GI Joe.
"Mac Nugget Castell." She started to take the GI Joes out of the bag. That was a very weird name.
"My mother likes Mc Nuggets."
"I like your GI Joe collection." I told her.
"You want to come over for a play date?" I nod and that was the start of our friendship.

* * *

We were the best of friends.
We did everything together. Even bathing. Mummy even took a picture of us. We look rather cute. She taught me how to tie her hair to be ready on rainy days(her brother exhausting her with all the pranks) and I taught her how to doodle. I was quite good at it if I must say. Daddy framed one of my doodles on the wall, in his office. He said: "To brag to that bloody Mary whose son acts as Harry Potter." In fact, we love Harry Potter. I was at book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and Mac was still at book 3. She was a slow reader.
And yes, our GI Joe play date was still on every Friday night.

* * *

"Tommy! Tommy!" Someone cried my name. It was not clear. My head was spinning. I then promised myself not to drink out of dad's coffee cup ever.
"Move, Tommy, MOVE!"
It was blur. Everything was spinning. Round and round. As I look at my hands, I only had eight fingers. Oh, I then knew my mind was screwed up. I then felt two small hands on my arms that was led by an enormous push. Pain I thought as I fell on the road with a loud thud. Darkness came in a few seconds later.

When I woke up, I realized I was in the hospital. Had some bruises but doctor said I was going to be fine but daddy said no, I was not going to be fine. Mac was killed by the car she saved me from. I immediately broke down in tears. From that day on, I sobered till the very present day.

I was given only half an hour. : ( Maybe I could have written better.

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