Saturday, October 22

Amcorp Mall.

Am at Amcorp mall with my dad. Everything is so cheap. Either new or second hand. I want to drown myself here.
Saw a really cute Elmo pencil box. Ahhhh!
Daddy is having a meeting. Suppose to do add maths. Oh well. :)
anyway, did I mention my sister is no more malaysia? She living with all the mhehh mhehh.
My new favorite thing to do now is to barge into the room and sniff the air. Smells so much like freedom. *SNIFFFFFF*
BTW, sometimes I really want to punch my mother in her face for all her shinannigans.
Skyped with my relatives in Mhehh Mhehh country/Kiwi land. Amelia looks happy. >;(((( I can't wait for my turn.
My aunt is so cute. HAHAHA. They showed my dad and I the beach. They are at the beach house right now. YERRRRRR. Okay byebye
Time to get intimate with add maths.

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