Sunday, October 9

Gossip Girl.

Why hello.
It has been awhile. Pardon me, I didn't have the mood to blog.
I did Tumblr though.

Hmmm, so what did I do for the past month.
I went through trials. Horrible.
And I did not go to school for many days. Damn SPM timetable.
CIMB Cup: we got second place. It was way enough. We were 3 points away from being the champion.

Minn Hwei came back. Went out with her. Tried to find a dress for my cousin's wedding but failed.
It was fun. I miss her so much.

Went to Sarawak over the weekends for cousin's wedding.
I found another adult who doesn't hate me. My second uncle from dad's side. He must always tease me. Adults dislikes me A LOT.
IT WAS FUN. GOSSIP GIRL MARATHON WITH COUSINS. HAHAHAHAA. It's so much fun watching with peeps instead alone for it's weird to shout STUPID JENNY alone.

There are much more to tell. Till then.

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