Tuesday, November 1

I finally graduated but went back to school on Monday.

Aiyo, I can't study. Will rant about stuffs for a while then.
KIM KARDASHIAN DIVORCED AFTER 72 DAYS OF MARRIAGE. Hahahahahah! I knew I won't last long but not this fast. Hohoho.
Kris Humphrey is the biggest - literally the biggest - douche I've seen.
Kim gets 18mil. That sounds damn awesome please. That's a lot of money. I wonder how much did her wedding cost. But still, the tv rates might be high and she might get bonus.
She gets paid 250,000 dollars per episode.

I miss Tumblr-ing. Too busy with other stuffs. :(
Ohmygod, saw my graduation pictures. Eff la, why do I have to look specially fat on that day? Super fat laaaa. :(
Went to school today. Did loads of add maths.
A guy friend kept annoying me with all these surprise pinches. He did it for the noise I made. Sounds like a cat yipping. -.- I have sensitive skin so he doesn't need much strength to make my hands red.

I still can't believe Kim Kardashian.
Oh, after graduation, went out with Andrea Chan. We went to ChicPOP10. There wasn't as much as ChicPOP8. I purposely isn't bring money so I won't spend anything. Gonna save it for Singapore's year end sale. YAYYYYY!
So many pretty clothes there. D:

Then we called up Wai Hou to come pick us up. We made loads of noise in the car debating where to go.
Frozen Yogurt at Kota Damansara or
watch movie at The Curve. In the end, we went to Curve.
We watched In Time.
The concept of the movie (Y),
the plot (Y),
The story line (Y),
the casts (Y).
It's just that the endding was not 紧张 enough.

Then we had Tutti Frutti. The whole day I only spent 10 ringgit. They belanja me almost everything as a meaning for my birthday.
WAI HOU IS DAMN FUNNY LAAA. ohmygod, I takbleh. I need to charge my battery before going out with him.
He can hardly speak English. He says the funniest shit and when we laugh at him, he would scream shut up. Super funny. The main reason is the way he talk and how his voice sound.

We were talking about prom and he was like: "I also want. Bring me go buy prom dress."

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