Tuesday, November 15


Today was English paper.
Oh, the horror. Somehow it feels like I'm gonna get a B. Walao, they ask stupid questions, I give you stupid answers la. And an hour to write an essay from scratch.
I've never finished any of my own short stories because it doesn't seem perfect and I hate how it doesn't.
Though my essay contained 648 words, it's a total crap.
They gave us 2 hours and 30 minutes to answer some shit ass questions that doesn't - I can't even
But only 1 hour and 45 minutes to write 2 essays.
Wtf la.

Yesterday, I was reading through our 'literature' and I was laughing to myself; this is what 17y/o kids answering for a somewhat major exam. 没面啊.
Shit la, no one told me that there's English Literature WHERE IT IS REQUIRED TO READ REAL NOVELS. This is so sad, I wanna cry for the government.

Okay, no more empathy for the government. History paper's tomorrow.

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